Samsung SR20H9050U Powerbot Robotic Auto Charged Vacuum Cleaner

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Dispatched in 1-2 Business Days

  • Samsung SR20H9050U Powerbot Robotic Auto Charged Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung SR20H9050U Powerbot Robotic Auto Charged Vacuum Cleaner

Sold out


Dispatched in 1-2 Business Days

A next generation home appliance!

  • FullView bumper Sensor
  • 4 Cleaning modes
  • Digital display


The Samsung POWERbot SR20H9050U has incredible design and immense power. Its Digital Inverter Technology creates more powerful suction when compared to Samsung's previous robotic vacuum cleaners, to help pick up dirt. Its enlarged drum brush cleans a wide area, especially in corners, without using the side brushes.

Key Features:

Comprehensive scan

  • The Samsung POWERbot SR20H9050U, features an upgraded FullView Sensor™ that locates obstacles across a wide area.

Point and clean

  • The Samsung POWERbot SR20H9050U includes a Point Cleaning™ controller that lets you guide it to clean dusty spots. So you don’t have to stop the vacuum, pick it up and move it to clean a specific area. Instead you simply point the light in front of the SR20H9050U and it will follow the beam and clean on the go. It’s really easy and fun!
Fast, efficient cleaning
  • The Samsung POWERbot SR20H9050U has a Visionary Mapping™ Plus System that finds and leads it around an optimal path for the fast-track cleaning. Using its high performance computer chips, 10 sensors and onboard digital camera it creates a map of your house – and calculates a suitable cleaning path. It will even find the docking station for recharging when the battery is low.
Wide brush cleaning
  • The Samsung POWERbot SR20H9050U has a wide brush, so it can clean larger areas with less movement than previous Samsung robotic vacuum cleaners. It has a width of 311mm, which is around 107mm larger than the 204mm brush on the SR10F71 Navibot Corner Clean, providing a fast cleaning performance.
Wheels that minimize getting stuck
  • The Samsung POWERbot's Easy Pass™ wheels can easily overcome different obstacles in its way, like wires or door frames, so it can keep working while you’re not there. Its wheels have a large 105mm diameter, and the height of its body from the floor is 15mm, to help stop it getting caught on anything.
Clean how you like
  • The Samsung POWERbot has 7 Cleaning Modes, so you can choose how you like to clean in different situations. It has 4 styles of cleaning, including Auto, Spot, Max and Manual modes. It also has 2 scheduling modes: a Timer to start it automatically at a particular time and a Daily mode that sets it to clean at the same time every day. And with the Dust Sensor mode it cleans repeatedly when it detects dust.
Auto charged – automatically
  • The Samsung POWERbot has an Auto Charge function, which comes in handy when it is running out of power. When the battery gets low it can automatically move to the docking station to recharge itself. And once it’s fully recharged it can go back to its last location and resume cleaning.

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