HTC U Ultra 64GB Handset (Brilliant Black)



Dispatched in 1-2 Business Days

  • HTC U Ultra 64GB Handset (Brilliant Black)

HTC U Ultra 64GB Handset (Brilliant Black)



Dispatched in 1-2 Business Days


If ever you need proof that necessity is the mother of all invention, then take a look at the HTC U Ultra" -  STUFF

  • 5.7" Quad HD Super LCD 5 with 2.0" Dual Display Corning Gorilla Glass 5 with curved edge
  • 12MP Main Camera with sapphire lens and OIS
  • HTC Sense Companion

HTC used to be famous for its metal phones, then everyone else decided to make them too. So it's made a phone that's almost entirely glass instead. And it looks awesome.


It's all about U
Meet HTC U Ultra. The big screen 5.7" phone made for the brilliant U. It reflects U beautifully with its sophisticated new liquid surface. It puts U on top, courtesy of a convenient new Dual Display. It listens to U, adapting sound to your unique hearing. It even learns from U, becoming a companion that evolves to get to know you better over time.

Key Features

New Liquid Surface
HTC U Ultra introduces a beautifully contoured, liquid surface designed to reflect the best you. You’ll appreciate the phone’s symmetrical construction and how it transforms light as you turn it. Thanks to a new process where colors bond to the glass in multiple layers to reflect light beautifully from every angle. The glass is moulded evenly around the sides and edges, using extreme pressure and heat to mimic the natural surface tension of liquid; folding and bending the surface for a perfect blend between metal and glass.

HTC Sense Companion
HTC Sense Companion* is a personal companion who is always learning from the things you do every day. It can suggest that you dress warmer and leave earlier for work if snow is forecast; remind you to take a power bank on longer trips; and even recommend a restaurant for the weekend and then book seats for you**. Best of all, it’s made to evolve and get to know you better over time.

HTC USonic
Every person’s inner ear is as unique as their fingerprint. HTC USonic analyses your inner ears with a sonic pulse, and then adapts to you. It’s like having a sound engineer in your phone; now you can hear the details you were missing.

16MP & Ultra Selfie
The selfie camera on HTC U Ultra lets you easily switch between 16MP and UltraPixel. Choose between the unparalleled 4x light sensitivity that UltraPixel offers (perfect for candlelit dinners), and the high resolution detail that 16MP provides.

12MP Main Camera with OIS
Every phone camera claims to take great photos. HTC has proof. It builds on and improves HTC's highest rated camera yet, introduced in their flagship HTC 10, which was awarded an industry leading DXOMark score of 88. You get photos with less blur, super-fast laser focus and new Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) to catch every moment and bigger pixels for better photos at night.

Dual Display
HTC U Ultra introduces a second screen which gives you the information you need, at your fingertips. The big 5.7” phablet sized screen on this phone is great for regular day to day activity; while the new second screen is perfect for convenient access to the things you use the most - like top contacts, app shortcuts, event notifications and more.

*Feature available for download in early 2017 and may not be pre-installed on HTC U Ultra. Feature installation requires an internet connection and download and acceptance of an HTC system update.
**HTC Sense Companion retrieves information from third party websites and databases, HTC is not responsible for the accuracy of such third party content.

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